China’s Next Big Export: Creativity And Culture


Much has been made of the monolithic image presented by the recently named Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party: all men, hair dyed black, dark suits—a visual metaphor, it could be said, for the party’s commitment to the stifling of individualism and creativity. Indeed, critics of China contend that the country which gave the world paper, printing, gunpowder, and countless other innovations has lost its mojo under communist rule. China has no homegrown Apples or Microsofts, they say, because it is just a copycat nation. According to the naysayers, China under the Communist Party is doomed to backwater status because of an endemic culture of obedience and adherence to rules.

But do not be fooled by surface appearances. Before the reign of this group of Chinese leaders has ended, you are going to be singing Chinese songs, watching Chinese movies, dancing Chinese dances, and buying both products…

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C’est pour mieux te manger ! (Rogier)

Bar à BD

Le Petit chaperon rouge s’est préparée pour aller porter une galette et un pot de saindoux à sa mère-grand. Son capuchon recouvre sa tête, les victuailles ont été déposées dans son petit panier et la voilà prête à traverser la forêt en espérant ne pas rencontrer le grand méchant loup.

Cependant, l’auteur nous met la puce à l’oreille en introduisant son histoire d’un « Il était encore une fois un Petit Chaperon rouge… ». Petit chaperon rouge ?? En êtes-vous bien sûr les enfants ??…

Règle numéro un qu’il faut avoir en tête avant de plonger dans un ouvrage du Poisson soluble : ne pas se fier aux apparences !

Forts de notre expérience (voir notamment Jérôme, Amédée et les girafes), Petit Hulk (cadet de Monsieur Lutin) et moi nous sommes lancés dans ce court récit de 22 pages qui revisite le célèbre conte du Petit Chaperon rouge. Le graphisme nous met…

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Growing Up Little

25 Worst Passwords of 2012

SplashData released its list of the 25 worst passwords for 2012 on Wednesday with very few surprises, reports ABC News.

1.  password
2,  123456
3.  12345678
4.  abc123
5.  qwerty
6.  monkey
7.  letmein
8.  dragon
9.  111111
10. baseball
11. iloveyou
12. trustno1
13. 1234567
14. sunshine
15. master
16. 123123
17. welcome
18. shadow
19. ashley
20. football
21. jesus
22. michael
23. ninja
24. mustang
25. password1


SplashData created the list based on files containing millions of hacked passwords. It advises anyone using passwords on the bad list to change them as soon as possible or risk becoming a victim in a future breach of security.

A proper secure password consists of at least eight characters that include one uppercase letter, a special character and a number.


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Office chic, styling yourself for work – Part 2

How we present ourselves in the workplace is directly linked to our level of success. A well put together outfit communicates confidence and respect to ourselves, colleagues, management and our clients. Do you take the time to plan your work wardrobe or do you run out of the house of a morning late and leaving a maelstrom of clothes and shoes in your wake? I’ve put together ten tips that I hope will be of help and get your sorted and stress free so you can look your best at work.

1. If you are about to begin a new role, check with your employer about dress code but I also recommend a visit prior to your first day just to get a feel of the general scope of styles within your new workplace. If your part of the furniture there is no time like the present to vamp up your…

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Give thanks for Love

Love & Handicapping

Many families and lovers will be sitting down at the table this Thanksgiving and giving thanks to one another for the love they share. Oftentimes the words, “I love you” go so often unsaid and unheard.  The holidays are always good time to express love and appreciation for the people in your lives.

But as we give thanks to those closest to us, let’s remember that love is more than just a romantic, physical ideal. It is more than a feeling we share with family and closest friends. Love is energy and a force that is universal. We should also give thanks to our neighbors, people in our community and even strangers.

It is amazing the love you can inspire when you share a friendly hello with a stranger. It is a wonderful experience when you share a laugh and a smile with a clerk at a coffee shop, or…

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