Nae's Nest

There is a power

Above, below and within me

If need too

I shall call upon my own strength

To beseech my enemy

He is a beast

With a massive head

Bloodstained teeth

At times

I wish….

I was dead

Slowly he tears at my flesh

Bit by bit

Bite after bite

Inflicting pain

Too weak to fight

I call upon my energies

My eternal light

That lives within  me

The light that never goes out

I draw upon it

Refilling my strength

Taking in the power

It gives me

To continue to fight

To slay the dragon

Before it slays me

A dagger appears

Along with these words:

In the name of Heaven

Home of stars and moon

May this trouble change

May You be healed soon

I’ve taken these words

And put in a prayer

I ask for a healing hand

Dragon beware

God shall smite Thee

And I will…

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