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Why do we like Menage stories….So this trend of ménage based erotic romance stories has been really hot lately, and I have to admit I’ve been bitten by the group love bug. To be fair, I have actually lived in a ménage relationship in the past, but I currently have a monogamous one with my spouse. So clearly I already know what the benefits are of this kind of grouping. Besides the obvious-multiple men focused on one woman making her feel like she is the center of their world-there are a few other things that appealed to me personally.

First of all I will point out the elephant…er…stud in the room. (hee hee) The sex. Yep, it’s good. Like I said women are attracted to the idea of having men focused on her, and her needs. Just like a submissive is focused on her Dom’s pleasure, and vice versa, the…

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