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When I feel your arms around me, I feel evoked in desire…
Desire of lifetime, that keeps melting as the second that goes-by
I look at the hands of the clock, as they chase each other
The reeling in the mind and the pleasures abundance

Calls me to beat as one till I die in ecstasy…!
Oh! Never I knew, I could also mould into the shapes…
The cunning takes over the shadows, that fall across

I am sewn on to the mattress, I lie…!
The outbursts and cries that I let out as an expression
Calling for more, in the dire eagerness to hold thy
Closer to the heart that beats as one.

Pressure that builds in me, explodes as pleasures…
From places, I knew not in my self.
I went traversing from heaven to hell and then back again

Lying exhausted in your arms, I can listen to…

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