Nerd Femme Dialogue

In most Hollywood films, homoerotic desire is disguised quite well using the typical diversion method of placing the woman as apparent focus of desire (see above poster). Or, for example, when two men discuss, in great detail, their erotic encounter with a woman the previous evening, or what many a film is based upon, two men fighting over a woman. Now, this method convincingly allows us to assume that the men involved are heterosexual due to their interest in the woman. However, unbeknownst to us (and oftentimes, to themselves) the desire is actually being misdirected, it’s path changed by discreet, or sometimes overt, societal pressures. What those two men actually desire is each other, but feel a compulsion to only allow themselves to experience this desire through the medium of a woman.

Savages does this exquisitely. Not because they disguise it so well, nor do they call overt attention to…

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