Melodee Nashell Tells It Like No one Else.

Quite vividly I remember how I exerted power over this boy that I had merely kissed.  I discovered that the power came with such a rush of adrenaline that I must have grown at least 2 inches that night just from standing tall.  I was babysitting and we were talking on the phone.  He said something I felt I had the right to be pissed about so I hung up.  Instant empowerment.  I had the upper hand.  He had the soft lips and exploratory tongue, but I, I had control.  I walked home through the neighborhood after the sitting job was finished and he, this older, intriguing, bad boy, followed me in his car screaming out the driver window for me to come back to him.  I stood firm and kept walking briskly all the while my inner eye was brimming with complete happiness.  It felt good to be wanted…

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