Nae's Nest

Beautiful Nymph of the Sea

Such a glorious voice

Blessed upon thee

She plays the lyre

To enchant her prey

She sings and seduces

Her hips she sways

The poor sailor

Is unaware

Enchanted by beauty

He can only stare

He follows her

As she dances away

Taking off veils

While she sways

She leads him

And sings the Song of Death

Enticing him off his ship

He will soon regret

She’s a Spirit of Nature

She can Shape-Shift

She has magical voice

One of many gifts

She has a body that lures

No man is safe

She will have him in her claws

Make no mistake

Vixen she is

Leading him to the sea

To make love underwater

In total ecstasy

While making love

And watching him die

He looked at her

In pleasure he cried

Not knowing  he just

Took his last breath

His lips sealed to hers

She loved…

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