The Day After…


today’s closetcast: brisk and bright

The day after a holiday weekend always feels a bit bogged down doesn’t it? Me and the fella took a trip down to Santa Barbara to see family for a couple days, which is always nice. We hit up my favorite Mexican spot, La Super-Rica, picked a few favorites off the menu, then drove up to Shoreline Park to sit on a bench and unintentionally taunt the gulls with our delicious lunch. The trip down south is always a bit too short, but the weather in sunny southern Cali is definitely different from the chill that welcomed us home.
I’m so sorry for the lack of posts last week, it was a crazy week and the weather wasn’t fully cooperating. It looks like it might be more of the same here with rain in the forecast from Wednesday until Sunday. I’ll have to get…

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Spain dances with chaos – The Tango of Austerity


Residents of Madrid took to the streets to protest their country’s austerity measures — with terrifying results


Masked demonstrators, employees from the Telefonica phone company, protest on a street near a building where executives from the same company are participating in a business meeting in Barcelona, Spain (Credit: AP/Emilio Morenatti)

Among the global superbrands radiating out from Madrid’s famous Puerta del Sol, the real growth industry is also Spanish history’s cornerstone commodity: gold. There are about 15-20 guys, none of them white, wearing sleeveless yellow fluorescent waistcoasts over their winter sweaters, plastered all over with the all-caps legend COMPRO ORO. I buy gold. Five hundred years after Spain subjugated large portions of the world and built its palaces on plundered gold and silver (by the 16th century, the equivalent of US $1.5 trillion’s worth), selling the family jewels has become a…

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Making space in your life…..

I had the special treat of catching up with a good friend over the weekend. We kicked our heels up Friday evening and danced the night away at Rio Rythmics and, after a well deserved sleep-in, spent Saturday lounging about, drinking tea in the garden and taking a stroll and lunch in the high street. I didn’t make any plans for the whole day I just wanted to give that time to catching up with my friend. We were talking about how how important it is to keep space in our life! We both made a pact not to follow the masses in living such a full life that we’re super busy all the time and nothing else can be squeezed in!

[Alice in Wonderland Vogue, 2003]

In modern life we are bombarded with busyness, work commitments, online information and it leaves us empty and exhausted. How often do loved ones…

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Dragon Beware

Nae's Nest

There is a power

Above, below and within me

If need too

I shall call upon my own strength

To beseech my enemy

He is a beast

With a massive head

Bloodstained teeth

At times

I wish….

I was dead

Slowly he tears at my flesh

Bit by bit

Bite after bite

Inflicting pain

Too weak to fight

I call upon my energies

My eternal light

That lives within  me

The light that never goes out

I draw upon it

Refilling my strength

Taking in the power

It gives me

To continue to fight

To slay the dragon

Before it slays me

A dagger appears

Along with these words:

In the name of Heaven

Home of stars and moon

May this trouble change

May You be healed soon

I’ve taken these words

And put in a prayer

I ask for a healing hand

Dragon beware

God shall smite Thee

And I will…

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He Breathes..


He breathes..

Taking in the cool night breeze..
Occasionally  giving me a glance..
Distant, unattached, uninvolved..
Distracted by the pretty damsels..
Dancing around..
Carefree in their flimsy summer dresses..
He breathes..
Occasionally drizzling me with attention..
Spraying me with affection..
Continuously ignoring my longing..
He drinks me up and sucks me dry..
Then spits me out and stomps on me..
Before taking his leave..
All that’s left is a whisper of me..

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